Why Us

Keystrox Medical Transcription Services rely on proven processes that are fast, simple, and affordable.

Customized Solutions

As a value-added service, we offer custom-tailored solutions to reduce your transcription costs.  Our transcriptionists and editors pay attention to every minute detail of your dictations, and we study patterns and standard phrases in your dictations. Once we have developed familiarity with your dictations, we can create customized macros which will save you time on your dictations, cut your transcription costs, and expedite patient care. You will also find that this service dramatically reduces errors in your reports.

Turnaround Time

We understand your world, and we know that patient care cannot wait, and our service offers you turnaround time options to meet your every need. Our standard turnaround time is 24 to 48 hours, and we offer a stat service that returns your priority document within 2 hours or less. Stat or otherwise, your work is always returned to you within contracted time – no questions asked, and when you’re in a bind, count on us to deliver.

Author Pooling

Author pooling is a simple, yet effective strategy to ensure consistent quality in our reports.  Each physician’s work is assigned to dedicated transcriptionists who are well versed in the physician’s specialty and are always in sync with the doctor. We believe that author pooling is result-oriented in that it reduces errors in standard phrases, formatting, and other common elements specific to a particular physician. The result? Consistent quality for our physicians.

Customer Service

We value our business relationships, and no customer is too big or too small. We have an extraordinary customer service team that is efficient and responsive. We also offer you a 24-hour service promise that ensures any concern you may have is attended to in a timely and professional manner and resolved to your full satisfaction. We know you are the best in your field, and you deserve the best!


We believe quality at Keystrox is best defined by you – our customer, and you will find that quality is the differentiator at Keystrox. We follow stringent quality assurance processes to ensure that you get impeccable quality work from us, and we are confident our clients will testify to this claim. For in-house quality assurance purposes, we employ a three-tier transcription-proofreading-QA audit system. We believe in quality at the source. As such, our quality begins right at the transcriptionists’ desk. Our team of editors checks the reports to ensure correctness of content, grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, and overall readability.  We also have a dedicated team of quality assurance auditors who randomly audit reports to ensure that you get the quality you expect from us.

Our transcriptionists and editors use the most up-to-date referencing tools including Stedman’s, Dorland’s, AAMT Book of Style, QuickLook, RxList, AMA Physician Select, and other online resources. We also have a process in place to ensure that all resources have been exhausted before we put a blank in your document.

Our People

No company can deliver quality work without quality people, and all our quality efforts are driven by our dedicated and professional staff. You will find that our transcriptionists and editors are some of the best trained people in the industry. We also follow a thorough screening process that ensures that you get the best people working on your documents.  Our continuous education processes ensure that our MTs and editors are always in touch with the latest developments in medical science, diagnostic techniques, and drug development and approvals. Our knowledge management systems allow for quick dissemination of expert knowledge and sharing of common learnings uniformly throughout our organization.